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The Tolman Collection: New York

Allison Tolman represents leading Japanese artists whose principal medium is paper. A second generation dealer of contemporary Japanese prints, Ms. Tolman was raised in Tokyo where she attended the Lycee Franco-Japonais. She returned to the United States for university studies, graduating from Yale College in 1981 with a BA in Japanese Economics.

Ms. Tolman is a private dealer in New York City and also participates in various art fairs across the United States.  She lectures frequently on contemporary Japanese prints and is actively involved in building private, corporate and museum collections of contemporary Japanese works on paper. She appraises 20th and 21st century Japanese prints. She is a current board member of the Print Club of New York and serves as Treasurer of the Japanese Art Society of America.

Her parents are the largest publishers of contemporary Japanese print editions and have held exhibitions from Canberra, Australia to Cairo, Egypt with many exhibitions in the United States and Europe in between. www.tolmantokyo.com

Japan has long been known for its stunning woodblock prints and the graphic tradition is alive and well. Many printmakers have now turned to lithography, silkscreen and etching as media through which to express their creativity, always pulling limited runs which hold great appeal to print collectors.